Technical inquiries

    *means required information.

    * Company Name
    * Manager
    Phone number
    Fax number
    * Mobile phone number
    * e-mail
    Consent to personal information collection and usage
    ■ Items of personal information to be collected
    We collect the following personal information for the purpose of offering consultation and services:
    -Collected items: Name, phone number, mobile phone number, email, service usage records, access log, cookie, and access IP- Collection method: Request form and posting
    ■ Purpose of collecting and using personal information
    We use the collected personal information for the following purposes:
    -Execution of an agreement for providing services and offering content thereof based on fees

    ■ Retention and usage period of personal information
    Upon completing the purpose of collecting and using personal information, we destroy all the personal information collected without delay.
    However, the following information is retained for the specified period:
    –Retention items: writer, email
    -Retention period: Until the posting is deleted