06 Registered a patent of a heater for flexible OLED bake oven

05 Exclusively supplied HP/CP for 6G bake oven to Company S

05 Exclusively supplied HP/CP for 8.6G bake oven to Company S

03 Signed a supplier agreement with Company V (China) to supply heaters for semiconductors and displays


11   Began mass production of HP/CP for 6G bake oven supplied to Company S

10   Registered a patent for a heater assembly including a hybrid temperature control system

03   Registered a patent for a fluid temperature control device using thermoelectric element

03   Developed and mass-produced a brazing heat exchanger for a step chiller of Company S

01   Developed and supplied 1500℃ point cell heater to Company I


11 Developed OLED and MOCVD heaters

03 Established the affiliated lab

01 Developed ESC 300mm


11 Developed a heater for Asher jointly with Company S

09 Established a dedicated R&D Dept. for specialization in parts and materials

06 Relocated the business site (Ansan-Anseong)


03 Exported a new LCD suspector heater to Company Q

02 Exported LCD suspector repair to Company C

01 Exported PVD/CVD heaters to Company T


07 Began mass production of semiconductor heaters for Company K

06 Exhibited LCD, PVD, CVD, and heater at Semicon Fair in Taiwan

06 Developed and supplied the 7.5th-generation LCD heater to Company T

04 Exported semiconductor heaters to Europe

01 Developed and supplied LCD bake oven hot plate to Company S


10 Developed and supplied heater tables for Asher to Company S

09 Relocated the business site (Hwaseong-Ansan)

07 Developed and produced semiconductor heaters

05 Acquired the ISO KSA 9001 certification

03 Developed and supplied burn-wet scrubber to Company H


11 Concluded a supply agreement with Company H for LCD bake oven

11 Concluded a supply agreement with Company S for organic EL bake oven

09 Established NANO TECH (Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do) as a company specialized in core parts for semiconductor processes